MatriX vNext year end development update

xmpp blazor

There has not been a major release of the MatriX XMPP library for some month. I am working hard on the next major update and want to give a small summary on whats coming.

There are some huge changes in the latest .NET releases. The effort to combine legacy .NET, Xamarin, MONO and netCore to one unified platform is super exciting. With the current netStandard version of MatriX vNext there are still some issues sometimes when MONO based platforms like Xamarin or Unity are targeted. There are still many corner cases where MONO behaves different than .NET.

Updating to .NET 5 is an easy task, but at the same time I want to take the opportunity for a redesign of some internal components. And one of the major goals for the next release is support for WebAssembly projects with the Blazor framework. Blazor support is only possible with major changes in the networking stack and adding Websockets as a transport option.

Here is a small summary on what coming with the next major MatriX vNext release

  • update to .NET 5.0
  • remove DotNetty dependency and replace with custom networking code
  • build better abstractions for networking code and build transports as plugins
  • add WebSockets support
  • WebAssembly support with Blazor framework
  • better Xamarin iOS and Android support which comes more or less for free from the previous changes

I made huge progress and have working tests client for Blazor WebAssembly. But the code still needs some cleanup and more integration and end 2 end tests. The source code and beta packages should be available on GitHub soon.

Contact me when you are interested and need early access.

Stay tuned…