MatriX vNext year end development update

December 30, 2020
There has not been a major release of the MatriX XMPP library for some month. I am working hard on the next major update and want to give a small summary on whats coming. There are some huge changes in the latest .NET releases. The effort to combine legacy .NET, Xamarin, MONO and netCore to one unified platform is super exciting.With the current netStandard version of MatriX vNext there are still some issues sometimes when MONO based platforms like Xamarin or Unity are targeted.
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Pattern matching

December 30, 2019
The pattern matching feature which came with c# 7 can be very useful when writing XMPP stanza handlers with MatriX. The handlers are using predicates to filter and match stanzas. Sometimes the predicates can get very complex and would require a lot of type casts without pattern matching. So pattern matching makes you code much more readable, but also faster at runtime because we can save some casts of objects.
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WebSocket connection manager

November 19, 2018
For a new project I am working on (more to be announced) I was looking for a standalone websocket connection manager. Because still many public and private XMPP servers offer only the TCP transport or BOSH. There are already existing projects websocket connection managers. But I ran into some issues with them for my current use case. Usually I am not trying to re-invent the wheels ;-) After WebSocket support came to DotNetty which one of the latest releases, and MatriX vNext of course having full support for XMPP XML streams and clients I was considering creating my own proxy.

MatriX vNext 2.0 released

April 30, 2018
we are thrilled to announce the release of MatriX vNext 2.0 main changes in 2.0 are: minor API changes which force major version bump (semver) Direct TLS support (XEP-0368) netstandard 2.0 support new NameResolver wich allows to specify IP addresses of the XMPP server manual new Matrix.Extensions package with extensions and helper functions myget feed for latest dev builds All source code is available on Github now at:

Introducing MatriX vNext

January 22, 2017
We are thrilled to announce the next generation of the MatriX XMPP libraries. 15 years elapsed already since we started our first .NET/c# XMPP library agsXMPP with .NET 1.0. Our XMPP libraries and the .NET technologies had many major evolutions over the years. With the switch to .Net Core we also took the opportunity for a major rewrite and redesign of the codebase. The API for clients, servers and components is not backwards compatible, but all XMPP protocol classes remain the same.